Computer Repairs, Upgrades & Sales

Jacqs Computers cc are suppliers of:

  • IT Hardware
  • Software
  • Computer Accessories
  • Peripherals and more.

Virus Removal

If you are running on a network or have a personal computer, we can provide you with the best possible virus removal solutions. We also take measures to prevent your computer from getting infected with a virus. Due to the speed at which hackers are creating viruses we cannot guarantee that you won't get infected by a virus.

How an upgrade works with us

If you feel like your laptop, computer or server needs an upgrade contact us. We will look at your computer and work with you on exactly what you are using your computer for and ensure that we can get the performance you need out of it. In some cases you will be limited in how much you can upgrade your laptop or pc.

We are specialists in supplying, repairing and maintaining computers. We provide on-site support and call out services. We don’t just supply computer equipment, we offer complete solutions. Optional ongoing support and maintenance ensures hassle free computing and peace of mind.